Open Kitchen’s Culinary Journey began when Hue-Chan Karels struggled to find a commercial kitchen in which she could legally bake her cookies to sell to the public. During that time she met others faced with the same dilemma of having a food product to sell, but no place to cook them. Hue-Chan’s vision soon transformed from just baking cookies to providing others with a space to create and launch their own culinary ideas.

A culinary space to EAT, COOK and ENTERTAIN, Open Kitchen is a hidden gem nestled in the suburbs of DC.  Owner Hue-Chan Karels and Executive Chef Kenneth Hughes draw their inspiration from local producers while bringing the essence of the city to the cozy neighborhood of Falls Church, Virginia.
Staying true to its mission, Open Kitchen has accomplished a lot during its first year of business. From winning the 2009 Taste of Falls Church to the Food Network Canada and A&E filming in its culinary space, Open Kitchen has started to make a name for itself as a hip and friendly space for entrepreneurs and chefs alike.  Open Kitchen also bridged the gap between corporate clients and community organizations through its Cooking For a Cause program by participating in fundraisers such as Dining Out For Life, cooking meals for Alternative House and a Haiti Benefit Dinner.

While the original core team has evolved since its inception, today, Hue Chan’s vision continues to be carried out by the following Open Kitchen Core Team members.

-Owners: Hue-Chan and John Karels                                -Culinary Directory: Christopher Carey
-Events & Marketing Manager: Holly Camalier